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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

“Travel Comfortably with JOFICO”

You may encounter unexpected emergencies that cannot be avoided while traveling; this is why Jordan French Insurance Company “JOFICO” has designed these products to help you feel safe and put your mind at ease.

“JOFICO” provides you with travel insurance to protect against unexpected emergencies and medical expenses that may occur during your trip. Distinct service can be provided through the emergency call centre with 24/7 assistance service throughout the year to enjoy your travel.

Coverages and Benefits:

  • Emergency Call Centre operating 24/7
  • Insurance coverage up to $100,000
  • Providing insurance for individuals up to 80 years old
  • Travel information service
  • Delivery of urgent messages
  • Dispatch of a specialized physician
  • Referral to medical correspondents abroad
  • Cover of medical expenses and hospitalization abroad in emergency cases
  • Evacuation and/or medical repatriation
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Transportation of family member to join the insured following hospitalization of 10+ days
  • Return of dependent children
  • Compensation for loss or delay of baggage
  • Compensation for flight cancellation
  • Contribution to sea and mountain search and rescue operations
  • Medical expenses due to Covid-19.

Procedures dealing with emergency cases for travel insurance policy:

Jordan French Insurance Company “JOFICO” provides you with a suitable travel insurance program to deal with any emergency case you may experience during your trip, by calling the Emergency Call Centre immediately on the number available on the insurance contract. Upon your contact, the Emergency Call Centre will be at your disposal regarding any service, guidance and assistance you may require.

  • The insurance coverage is subject to the conditions, provisions and exclusions of the insurance policy adopted by JOFICO.
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