The General Authority of Life (Takaful) and Medical Insurance Committee held a meeting on Tuesday, 9/5/2023, in the presence of Dr. Lana Bader and Mr. Osama Hanoush, members of the Jordan Insurance Federation’s Board of Directors. During the meeting, the Chairman and members of the Executive Committee for Life (Takaful) and Medical Insurances were elected, where Mr. Zakaria Ammar, representative of Middle East Insurance Company, was elected as the Chairman by acclamation, and then Mr. Mazen . Al-Nimri, representative of the Jordan Insurance Company, Mr. Suleiman Dendis, representative of the Gulf Insurance Group, Ms. Lina Al-Jirushi, representative of Delta Insurance Company, Mr. Imad Al-Naouri, representative of Al-Nisr Al-Arabi Insurance Company, Mr. Khaled Omar, representative of the Mediterranean and Gulf Insurance Company (Medgulf), and Dr. Saed Al-Qusous, representative of Jordan French Insurance Company won their memberships in the committee.

Wishing them success in their next mission and in serving the insurance sector.