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Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance
Motor Insurance

We at Jordan French Insurance Company “JOFICO” have designed multiple motor insurance coverages to help you choose the coverage that suits your vehicle, giving you total peace of mind against any future financial loss due to an accident occurred to your vehicle.

We are proud of our company’s cooperation with leading Motor Dealerships and Repair Garages which offers you a hassle-free experience.

Our longstanding presence in the Jordanian market is a testimony to our exemplary services in handling all claims with professional ease and enabling our customers to recover readily from any adversity.

Motor Insurance Policies:

  • Comprehensive Insurance.
  • Complementary Insurance (Takmili).

1- Comprehensive Insurance

This policy offers coverage for both vehicle body and third-party

2- Complementary Insurance (Takmili)

This insurance contract provides physical damage coverage to the vehicle’s body only.

Physical damage to the vehicle body is covered when caused by:

Accidental Collision

Fire, External Explosion, Self-ignition.



Third Party Liability coverage is required by law and this includes the accrued legal liability, agreed costs and expenses against third party bodily injury/ property damage arising out of use of the motor vehicles. This includes death or bodily injury to any passenger(s) in the vehicles at the time of the accident. Damages for materials and property are also covered.

Additional Benefits

Agency Repair.

Road Assistance Service.

Substitute Vehicle.

The Coverage of Damages Caused by Heavy Rain, Hurricanes, Floods and Snow.

Exempt from Deductible Amount for The First Accident.

Required Documents

01 Vehicle License.

02 Vehicle Owner ID

Note: Vehicle existence is required for the first check.

Road Assistance 24/7

Subscribe now and enjoy the following services:

1- Towing and transporting vehicle in case of technical malfunction or traffic accident, up to 150 JOD per case according to the following:

• Breakdown/accident cases are covered by one transfer within Amman or from governorates towards Amman, with up to150 JOD limit.

• Vehicle transporting from accident site to selected location chosen by client and/or the insurance company

2- Flat tire replacement/repair at the expense of (ENSURE) and throughout the Kingdom

3- An emergency supply of fuel with a maximum of three and a half liters free of charge for the first time throughout the Kingdom. The company’s responsibility is limited to delivering gasoline to the customer, at his personal expense

4- Extricating vehicle stuck in sand or muddy swamps on main roads and throughout the Kingdom, with up to 150 JOD limit per case.

5- Battery charging and operating throughout the Kingdom

6- Call centre service for subscribers, including road guidance service

7- Vehicle registration renewal on behalf of the customer (in Amman only) for cars not exceeding 3 years of made or10 years of made and are not subject to technical inspection 

8- Locksmith service incorrect locking or key loss in Amman only, provided by a competent and legally licensed entity in this respect

9- Electric vehicle transportation in case of battery running out twice a year, with up to 150 JOD per case

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