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Term-Life Insurance

Term-Life Insurance
Term-Life Insurance

We at Jordan French Insurance Company “JOFICO” believe that the head of the household is the cornerstone of the future of the family, and that his/her life is the most precious thing they have. Therefore, life insurance is considered a fundamental part of having a sound financial plan and is designed to ensure you peace of mind by protecting your family 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world from any losses of income they incur due to death ,God forbid.

Benefits and Coverage:

  • Covers ages starting from (18) up to (69) years old and the coverage continues up to 75 years old.
  • Policy duration can be set for one year of coverage up to 57 years with fixed premiums and without the need to undergo any additional medical examinations during the contract duration..
  • For bank requirements, you can change the beneficiary at any time during the contract duration without any additional costs or conditions.

Additional Benefits:

  • Death due to accident to obtain double compensation.
  • Permanent total disability due to accident/sickness.
  • Permanent partial disability due to accident/sickness.
  • Medical expenses due to accident.
  • Weekly income in case of accident.
  • Waiver of premiums payment in case of permanent total disability due to accident.
  • Educational Plan.
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