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General Accidents

General Accidents
General Accidents

Have you thought about protecting your property against sudden accidents or dangers that may result in bodily injury and material damage?


1. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers business owner, operator, manufacturer or service provider against any claims resulting from injuries and damage to others (third party) as a result of practicing their business including the following:

  • Public Liability Insurance – PL/TPL
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance – CGL
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance – D&O
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

2. Money Insurance

Money Insurance covers the loss of money due to different reasons during its transfer from the headquarters of the insured to banks and back, or while kept inside safes at the headquarters of the insured.

3. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance covers material losses that may be caused to the insured as a result of theft one of their employees

4. Breaking Glass Insurance

Breaking Glass Insurance covers glass fixtures of buildings, offices, stores, showrooms, homes, clubs, etc. against accidental breakage.

5. Political Violence Insurance

Political Violence Insurance is a special type of protection against dangers that cause material damage to property resulting from political causes such as war, civil war, terrorism, sabotage, malicious acts, riots, strikes, and revolutions.

6. Bankers Blanket Bond Insurance

BankersBlanket Bond Insurance provides comprehensive coverage and protection for banking business against general risks that include, but are not limited to, bad credit of employees, loss of money, whether within the limits of the insured’s offices or during the process of transferring these funds, loss of office contents, and loss resulting from fraud and cybercrime.

7. Cyber Risks Insurance

Cyber Risks Insurance is considered one of the latest insurance types and it provides protection for companies or individuals who carries out a certain activity via Internet Network against risks based on the usage of that network, such as:

  • Hacking and associated risks
  • Company’s database breach
  • Electronic fraud
  • Stealing client funds by hacking into their personal accounts
  • Disrupted of customer’s means of communication, such as their business website
  • Theft, loss, or destruction of data, personal or business information, or any data of value to the customer

Note: Civil liability resulting from one of the aforementioned risks

8. Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance covers injuries (fatal and non-fatal) that workers may be exposed to as a result of their implementation of certain projects or works based on Jordanian labor law.

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