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Health Insurance Administration


Location Amman – Jordan

Financing Loans

Jordanian For Management and Consulting (JOMC)

Location Amman – Jordan

Insurance Company

Al Mashreq Insurance Company

Location Ramallah – Palestine

Insurance Company

National Insurance Company

Location Damascus – Syria

Insurance treaties between “JOFICO” and International Reinsurers are evaluated based on the financial solvency of Reinsurers, their ability to fulfill contractual obligations, and their reputation in the International Markets, which depends on holding a credit rating not less than (An Excellent) according to International Rating Agencies, through a well-known, experienced Reinsurance Brokers.

Reinsurance Companies

Reinsurance Brokers


Pan North Insurance Agency

Mr. Khalid Al-Khaldi

Read Mohammad Fayyad Jaradat

Mr. Raed Jaradat

Mohammed Ali Sa'd Thainat

Mr. Mohammed Thainat

Hussam Abdel Latif Kilani

Mr. Hussam Kilani

Salem Ahmad AlSalem Zureiqat

Mr. Salem Zureiqat

Ahmad Ali Moh'd Ariqat

Mr. Ahmad Ariqat

Mohammad Fankheer Salem AlJboor

Mr. Mohammad AlJboor

Abu Diab Insurance Services

Mr. Ahmad Abu Diab

Sister Companies
Sister Companies
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