Gasoline And Hybrid Price

Insurance Amount Insurance Starting Date Insurance Ending Date Insurance Duration Substitute vehicle Coverage of Natural Disasters Road Assistance Service Exempt From Deductible Agency Repair Total
365 Days

Additional Benefits:

  • Road assistance service
  • Coverage of damage caused by heavy rain, hurricanes, floods and snow
  • Substitute vehicle compensation (for 10 days, 15 JOD per day and maximum 350JODs per insurance year)
  • Exempt from deductible amount of the first accident
  • Agency repair, to benefit from agency repair cover, car’s manufacture year must not be more than 3 years from the current year
  • Policy Minimum duration is 6 months
  • These prices apply to private cars
  • Contact us if you have a clean accidents history to get a discount 
  • Policies are subjected to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the Motor Policy issued by Jordan French Insurance Company – JOFICO .